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Senior Product Designer, UX/UI specializing in E-commerce and B2B

Hello, my name is Asma Suleiman

– Lyon, France –

Create a unique experience tailored to your business and users needs

I believe that each project is unique and requires careful attention in order to define the appropriate methodology, tools, and resources to ensure its success. I am dedicated to listening closely to your needs to ensure that I provide the best possible solutions.

Process & methodologies

Before starting a project, having a clear process and methodology ensures consistency and efficiency in the development process. It also allows for better collaboration and communication among team members, leading to a higher-quality end product.

Understanding phase

Gathering information from stakeholders, and experts help to gain a deep understanding of the business objectives, project goals but also the company ecosystem.

Research & Observation

Gather information about competitors, market trends, and customer behaviors ensure that the final product meets the needs of the target audience while standing out in the market.


Synthese research findings and reframing the problem statement help to ensure that we have a clear understanding of the user’s needs to develop a problem statement that is actionable and measurable.

Project framing

Prioritize ideas based on their feasibility and user impact, while aligning with the overall vision that has been established. Working closely with stakeholders approach to ensure that the most effective solutions are developed.


Generate a high quantity of ideas in a judgment-free environment, allowing participants to think creatively and explore new angles to address a problem statement. This process encourages open-mindedness and helps to produce a wide range of potential solutions.

Prototype & Test

Prototyping solutions in low fidelity is important to quickly test and iterate on core functionality without investing too much time or resources. It also allows a better understanding of how the solution will work in order to write functional specialties.

Continuous research

After launching a new design solution, it’s essential to ensure its success and improve it over time. By gathering user feedback, analyzing data, and identifying areas for improvement, we can make informed decisions and optimize the solution to meet the evolving needs of users and the business.

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Collaborative Involvement

Involving stakeholders and experts from the beginning of a project ensures that all expectations are met and creates consistency within the team’s goals. This collaborative approach not only enables the creation of a high-quality product but also facilitates the achievement of the target vision in a shorter time frame. Additionally, having a clear line to follow motivates the team toward a common goal.

Holistic Thinking

Create sustainable designs that align with the brand and work efficiently with design systems, layout grids, and pattern libraries to ensure consistency and smooth handoffs to development teams.

Lifelong Learning

Continuously study and learn about visual trends and technological changes to stay up-to-date with your industry, while staying inspired through relevant articles.

Simplicity is Key

Keep designs simple and intuitive. The best design is one that goes unnoticed.

Benchmarking and Originality

Benchmarking is essential for finding best practices, but always find unique solutions and tell your own story.

Client and User Understanding

Before designing, understand the client’s business model and their users’ pain points, and develop solutions that meet both the user’s needs and the company’s goals.

Prototype and Test

Prototyping and user testing are crucial to validating designs and ensuring they work under real-life conditions. Listen to feedback!

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